"Operationalization of regional capacities for dealing with emergency situations and crisis management

“The Balkan Region is subjected to the most different threats and risks from natural disasters, which from time to time cause major losses and damage both in casualties and material and cultural-historical goods, and the Republic of Macedonia as part of this region is subjected to risks of this type. At this meeting today we also participating in the constitution of one new regional initiative for cooperation which is becoming a reality and that is the trilateral cooperation in the field of emergency situations and crises management”.

This is the main message that the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Fatmir Besimi, stressed on yesterday’s Conference on the topic “Building Regional Capacities for Dealing with Emergency Situations and Crises Management”, which is being held in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.

The preparedness for sharing and combining resources in cases of natural disasters of greater extent between the three countries was once again confirmed through the signing of the Joint statement of the Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo, regarding the creation of a trilateral working group from relevant institutions whose activities resulted with the preparation of the Programme for establishing regional units for support, which will be executed through independent projects. At the same time, the joint statement also noted the need for the development of a Situation Caution System, with the goal of quick response and sharing of information, through the inter-connection of the operational systems in the three countries.

Peace and security of the countries and citizens represents a complex phenomenon which in the wider sense encompasses facing the threats and resolving the problems in five security sectors – military, political, economic, social and environmental, noted Minister Besimi in this occasion and added that these issues may be considered not just as threats towards one country, but as threats of global level and with a wider effect.

In a regional context, Minister Besimi mentioned that the Republic of Macedonia participates in several initiatives such as the “Civil Military Emergency Planning for SEE” as well as the “Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative-DPPI”.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, in accordance with the Defence Law, organized preparations of the MOD system for dealing with crises, as well as the support of the crises management system of the Republic”. At the same time, according to the Crises Management Law, it is foreseen part of the Army to participate in support of the police in conditions when the crisis situation endangers the security of the Republic, and the organs of state power do not have appropriate resources and assets for its prevention and countering.

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