Besimi attended the Regional Conference - “Regional Post-ISAF engagement"

Today in Skopje, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Fatmir Besimi, gave a speech at the Regional Conference - “Regional Post-ISAF engagement – Lessons learned and a legacy for A-5 countries future expeditionary missions”, which is in the organization of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia.

Minister Besimi gave a speech with Nicholas Williams, NATO representative and the US Ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia, Paul Wohlers. At the same time a direct video conference link will be established with Afghanistan, from where it will be expected Noorullah Jan Ahmadzai from the United Nations mission in Kabul to make the call.

In his address Minister Besimi stressed that “the learned lessons that our peacekeepers earned during the ten-year commitment in Afghanistan are simply coinciding with the conclusions that the official political representatives of NATO member states, but also the experts, have established in the New Strategic Concept from November 2010. From the guidelines that arose from this document two are of significant importance for the perceptions that we should build around our engagement in Afghanistan after 2014. Firstly, the fact that NATO recognizes the importance of cooperation with partner nations, clearly expressed through the frames and guidelines set in the so-called “cooperative security” – one of the three new basic NATO missions. Secondly, in line with the gained experience and the need for a different approach towards modern security threats, the importance of civil – military cooperation for the operational success”.

The Minister of Defence believes that sharing useful experiences or so-called best practices, the substantiated reflections, identified or learned lessons, would be of priceless meaning for the building of personal defence capacities, and also in this context the planning of our future participation in expeditionary missions. According to him with the nearing of the moment when NATO will handover military control to the National Afghan forces, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia is prepared to continue with providing a component for training of Afghan Security Forces with our partners in the region in the framework of the Adriatic Charter, with the tendency of enhancing this contribution. In addition, the Ministry of Defence will consider the future submitted requests and in the framework of its opportunities, will offer a future appropriate engagement that will be worthwhile for the Alliance itself, world peace, as well as maintaining our condition for confirmation and upgrade of our special defence capacities or so-called niche capabilities. It may be in the part of building defence capacities, assistance in building and transformation of the security sector of Afghanistan.

According to Minister Besimi, the Republic of Macedonia, as a country that is willing to lead regional cooperation, believes that this is a significantly fruitful platform through which we can contribute towards a better quality life of the people in Afghanistan. “Through the joint projects, we will be able to combine the efforts, to offer better quality solutions and to give greater contribution in the efforts that NATO invests in Afghanistan. In that manner we will also indirectly contribute towards strengthening the peace and security in the region, where we will confirm the thesis of export of peace”, said among other things Besimi.

The Ministry of Defence, with the promotion of the Regional Peace Centre, will “de facto” increase the practical contribution in the promotion and maintenance of peace and cooperation, but human rights and freedoms as well. This centre will actually have the opportunity in great extent to also assist in the building of civilian capacities in Afghanistan after 2014. The representatives of the governmental and non-governmental sector, the researchers, academic representatives as well as the members of the think-tank society, have the opportunity through this conference to share their ideas and opinions in relation to all aspects related with the topic. The goal of this conference is to also offer effective and practical solutions and recommendations for the countries of the Western Balkans, in the direction of the future development of the regional post-ISAF engagement.

This conference in the organization of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia represents an excellent opportunity for the exchange of national views with respect to the engagement after ISAF.

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