Besimi – Howitt: It is important to use the recommendation for start of negotiation with the EU

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia responsible for European Affairs, Dr. Fatmir Besimi, today realized a working meeting with the rapporteur of the European Parliament for Macedonia, Mr. Richard Howitt and the Ambassador of the European Delegation Aivo Orav.

At the meeting they discussed about the recommendations contained in the Progress Report for the Republic of Macedonia, regarding the things that are possible and realistic for Macedonia to do until December before the Council of Europe aiming at strengthening the arguments for receiving a date for start of the negotiations with the European Union.

The interlocutors agreed that the recommendation for start of negotiations is a proof that Macedonia remains in the enlargement agenda of the European Union and is a chance for progress of the Republic of Macedonia in the integration towards the European Union, which is expected to affect positively the reforms for the European agenda, as well as an opportunity for progress regarding the unresolved issues with the neighbours Greece and Bulgaria.

Important topics that were mentioned at the meeting were the political dialogue and implementation of the recommendations of the inquiry committee, the freedom of expression and dialogue with the journalists, the rule of law and independent judiciary and good neighbourly relations.

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